(This session is part of the LAG20 Fringe)

Session Capacity: 20 Participants. First-come-first-served

Design Thinking has been around for decades. Fundamentally, it is a set of principles that places the customer or user at the centre of activity, and guides the stages of creating a product, service or organisation around that customer. A huge range of techniques, processes and practices have been squeezed under the Design Thinking umbrella over the years precisely because it is so flexible.

More recently, frameworks have emerged which fit Design Thinking principles into highly structured and well-defined processes. Organisations benefit from:

  • – focused and timeboxed activity
  • – clear, repeatable and teachable processes
  • – the same value whether conducted in person or remotely
  • – proven delivery of answers and results for informed decision making

The Flight Levels approach to Business Agility considers that the overall speed of creating a new product, service or project from beginning to end – concept to customer. Speed and thus Business Agility is affected by the performance of different people and groups, working at different levels in an organisation, at different points on the value creation chain.

In this practical discovery workshop, you will learn how Design Thinking Frameworks can be used at any level a Flight Levels model to “unstick” bottlenecks and improve Business Agility.

  • Format: Discovery Workshop with Q&A
  • Video Tool: Zoom Meeting
  • Other Tools: Mural