The current global epidemic pushed/stressed people and organisations to behave and work differently immediately, with no time to resist change and no choice but to experiment.

While working with many organisations before and during the crisis, we noticed a correlation between organisational resilience and agility, in the cultural aspect of the word.

During the talk we will explore this theme and try to answer the following questions:

  • – Are Agile organisations more resilient in crisis times?
  • – How does the Agile approach and the Scrum values assist us?
  • – How self-organising teams could leverage their working from home?
  • – What managerial skills required?
  • – What are the tools & practices that support remote work?

Michal Epstein, PST and Agile coach, and Limor Halfon, Management 3.0 trainer and organisational consultant, both Ajimeh partners, will discuss this topic in an interactive and enriching way.

  • Format: Interactive Talk
  • Video Tool: Zoom Meeting
  • Other Tools: Mural