2020 Remote Work Trends research by Gallup shows that the number of employees working remotely doubled from 31% to 62%. Many remote workers, especially millennials have discovered that they are more productive from home than from the office. These happenings have re-defined what it means to be a manager, introducing new complexities that managers were not faced with just a few years ago.

Organizations on their journey to agility and digital transformation require managers who are servant leaders and coaches enabling agile values. Managers of new remote teams can no longer be just ’bosses’, they must develop a new set of leadership skills for their teams to be productive. Data shows that well-coached teams tend to considerably outperform less ably managed teams in engagement, retention, safety, productivity, and profitability metrics. In this talk we shall discuss how the role has changed, agile values managers must imbibe and the organization’s role in equipping them for the transition.

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