Move better. Feel better. Live better.

Take a break from your seat and recharge with an energising Pilates session with Trish. Let’s get your body moving, blood circulating and brain ready for the rest of the day.

Pilates is great for people of all ages and abilities and an ideal form of exercise as we get older and work through our injuries.

As a business owner with a corporate background, Trish understands only too well the impact modern life can have on our bodies and wellbeing. Passionate about holistic health and wellbeing, Trish has been teaching Pilates for over 10 years. She runs a Pilates studio in Hampshire (UK), teaches classes via Zoom, has an online membership and is an ambassador for an online health and wellbeing brand.

You do not need any prior Pilates experience. Just find enough floor space so you can stand, kneel and lie down. If you have a mat great, if not then grab a towel or two. You may want one to lie on and another to fold up to support your head. Trish will guide you as appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: Logging onto this ZOOM session with the Pilates Foundry means that you agree to the following statement.

I understand and I am willingly participating in this online Pilates session which includes physical activity. I agree that I am fit and well and will notify Trish at the start of the session if there is anything concerning my fitness to participate. I agree that I will follow all instructions given by Trish, including abstaining if I am told an exercise is not suitable for me. I also agree not to record the lesson in any form.

A few set up tips

  • – find somewhere where you won’t be interrupted or distracted
  • – have your camera pointed towards you so that I can give you corrections and modifications as needed
  • – have a mat/towel to work within and place it horizontal to the camera
  • – make sure you’ve got enough space around you to stretch out
  • – light yourself from the front or overhead and close curtains/blinds if a window is your source of light
  • – it may be necessary to adjust your camera and device when we move from standing to floor based
  • – if you are using a tablet then turn it vertical for standing and horizontal when on the floor
  • – please set your screen saver to over 30 minutes or ‘never’ for the duration of the class
  • Format: Pilates
  • Video Tool: Zoom Webinar
  • Other Tools: n/a