Have you ever wondered why you read books, watch videos, read articles or attend trainings… just to realize that later on there's only a very small fraction of the information that you remember and are able to use in the future?
In the knowledge economy, your knowledge is one of your biggest assets. When was the last time that you considered if you can learn more efficiently?

In this session, you're going learn how to learn by trying to provide answers to the following questions:
 – What are different ways to consume content and which one is more effective?
 – How can I use the pareto principle to optimize what content to learn?
 – How can I quick capture the nuggets of knowledge that are most relevant to me?
 – How can I approach different ways to look at the content by leveraging different levels of cognitive complexity?
 – How can I use an evidence-based learning technique to achieve learning in the most efficient way?
 – How can I integrate the learning as part of my daily habits?

I'm really thrilled to share my insights from the last 5 years learning to learn differently.

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