Software cannot be seen. To make it visible we need to measure things around it; the work and resources that go into building and operating it, the demand for its use and the impacts it has on the world.

Using metrics we can have conversations, tell stories and conduct experiments in order to increase the value of the work we do.

But how do we do this? Where do we start? What metrics can we use? How do we get them? How do we use them to affect positive change?

In this session we will introduce patterns for gathering and presenting metrics from software development and operations in order to inform decisions on what to work on and when.

We’ll look at:

  • Development Metrics – Lean workflow metrics
  • Operational Metrics – The IBM RAS model
  • Value Metrics – Pirate Metrics
  • Wellbeing Metrics – Team Health Metrics

Cutting across all of these we will look at issues of provenance, cleanliness and bias. We’ll look at how the sharing of metrics can have a different impact on different audiences.

Based on the book ‘Team guide to metrics for business decisions’ by Mattia Battison and Chris Young this workshop aims to provide lightweight, tractable models and methods to help attendees grow their own useful metrics practice.